Laughing at ourselves one meal at a time.

I am a new blogger so bear with me as I dive right in. I tend to be a “leap before I look” kind of a gal so I am sure it will take me some time work out the kinks! 

I’m a working mom whose kids are 2 and (almost) 7. Eating meals together is one of my fondest memories from my own childhood. My own family does  eat together a majority of nights. We talk about our day. We tell jokes. We do “Best and Worst”. But as a mom the endless meal, planning, shopping and the daily grind of getting dinner on the table can make it less than fun.

Wacky Wednesday was born out of a desire to lighten things up mid-week; to take mealtime (and ourselves) a little less seriously. Some weeks are effortless and others more elaborate but my favorite ones are the ones that have an unexpected element – like the time we had a picnic on the living room floor and the dog ate our pizza!

As time has gone on, people have asked us to share our ideas and menus for Wacky Wednesday and I am happy to do so. Enjoy and use what you like for your family. We don’t ascribe to any dietetic philosophy so if you are vegetarian or keep Kosher you might need to tweak things a little. We also  have no food allergies in our house and my kids eat a pretty wide range of foods. But I will say that one of unexpected results of Wacky Wednesday has been the great opportunity to introduce and have the kids try new foods.


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