Laughing at ourselves one meal at a time.

A Green Theme

Between all 4 of us there isn’t a drop of Irish blood but even if you will be dining on traditional Irish fair on St. Patrick’s Day (next Thursday)  that is no reason to skip having an entirely green meal for this Wacky Wednesday as part of the Green Theme that dominates March.

Our menu:

  • Pesto Pasta with Chicken
  • Salad
  • Lima Beans
  • Pistachio Pudding

We’ll be using ingredients we have on-hand, including pesto that we made from last summer’s basil crop. Yummy. If you need a recipe this one looks pretty good.  

I should add that Sophie helped in the planning of this menu. When I suggested that it might not be wacky enough she assured me that she has some ideas to add to ambience that include jewelry and possibly green eyeshadow!


Comments on: "A Green Theme" (1)

  1. Karen Carlisle said:

    I like this! I eat a lot of green meals because I eat a lot of leafy green food, but my green meals don’t make me smile.

    What were Sopie’s special touches? I’d love to see her green being.

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