Laughing at ourselves one meal at a time.

A success!

I’d have to say that   last night wasn’t one of our more wacky themes but there was much that I appreciated about the meal. In essence, our mealtime embodied everything I like about Wacky Wednesday (WW).

Unless I happen to be travelling, I am usually the one in charge of executing WW. While my husband is an enthusiastic participant he doesn’t always have the foresight to plan Wednesday’s meal the weekend before. That’s fine by me. Really.  His occasional input on themes is appreciated and his kitchen clean-up AFTER the meal is invaluable.  However, even with a rock solid plan for yesterday somehow the end of the day found me rushing around trying to gather/cook/prepare everything for the meal at a pretty harried pace. But it kind of didn’t matter. Because the meal is supposed to be wacky. So what if something turned out a little differently than I’d anticipated? That just adds to the fun; it makes us laugh. And that is what memories are made of.

I also loved my kids enthusiasm. Sophie skipped in the house from the car to ask what was for dinner and to see if she could help. As we worked, we chattered about why we were having the meal we were having. We got excited about some ideas for future themes. And instead of sitting down exhausted at the end of a long school/work day it was like a breath of fresh air had blown through the room.

Both of my kids cheerfully sampled new foods! No cajoling. No pressure. It is just part of the Wacky Wednesday spirit to be more open-minded and adventurous, right?

My favorite part of the night may have been when Alex responded that his tabouleh was not delicious. Indeed, his verdict was that it was ” D’yucky.”


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