Laughing at ourselves one meal at a time.

Spring Break Plans

No, we won’t be travelling for Spring Break this year. Although it was fun to think and talk about all the possibilities. Should we go somewhere warm near the ocean? Should we go visit distant family? Should we strike out to some place we’ve never been? All tempting ideas. Especially the warm weather ones.  But then the reality of travelling with a two-year-old set in and we decided a staycation was perfectly appropriate this year. 

Sophie didn’t hesitate when I asked her where she would go if we were going anywhere, “France!”

Alex, who is parroting anything that anyone says that sounds remotely interesting, has taken to saying at odd moments, “I want to go to France, Mommy.” It garners some strange looks when we are out in public.

So, we will be travelling to France for Wacky Wednesday this week. Not a truly original idea for us since we celebrate “French Night” every year on the anniversary of the day John proposed to me on the top of  the Eiffel Tower. We’ll dig out our pictures from that trip, listen to French music and cook up our approximation of a French meal.

I do actually think I am a decent cook but I have to say that in no way do I think my food compares to simple street fair we enjoyed from street vendors or little out-of-the-way bistros in Paris.

On the menu:

We’ve never made crepes before so this will be our first foray into them. We are going to try this recipe with berry and Nutella fillings available. I guess this is where the adventurous part of WW is going to come from this week.


Comments on: "Spring Break Plans" (2)

  1. Izzy would love this dinner. She and Sophie could go to France together. Izzy talks about going to France all the time.

  2. Love it Jen! What fancy tastes you’re cultivating over at your house! And the meal? Sounds divine! 🙂

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