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Rolling. Rolling. Rolling.

I have meals that I consider “weeknight” meals and then the more involved ones I usually save for weekends or holidays. I love to cook, don’t get me wrong, but the whining that accompanies hungry children after I’ve had a long day has forced me to be more practical.

But last night I got sucked in to making a bit more than our usual fare. The catch, of course, was that I was going to have help from Sophie.

So we planned a menu of edamame, asian chicken salad, mandarin oranges and spring rolls. A perfectly cool meal for what was to be a hot day.

Sophie’s class had a demonstration on how to make spring rolls right before school ended.  So she was quite enthusiastic. I am sad I didn’t get a good picture. I was really impressed! There is obviously a knack to it that I am missing. And they tasted so fresh and delicious! Yum.




Sweet Research

Sometimes my Wacky Wednesday Meals are painstakingly researched and discussed in advance but lately they’ve been pulled together really last-minute. The kids seem to enjoy results just the same but it’s left me feeling a little harried. And since part of the goal of Wacky Wednesday is to bring the fun back to the weeknight family table it’s kind of defeating the purpose. So, this week I decided to do a little research.

June is rife with some good ideas. Dairy Month. Fruit and Vegetable Month. Turkey Lover’s Month. Even Gay Pride Month had me envisioning a table with a rainbow assortment for our meal.

Then I stumbled upon that June 22nd (this Wednesday) is National Chocolate Eclair Day.

How can I pass that up? No. Really. I can’t. So now the question becomes whether I should make my Grandmother’s eclair recipe or if I should go to our favorite bakery and buy them?


A big fat bribe

Yeah, it’s pretty unbelievable that I would let my kids share a piece of Mile High Ice Cream Cookie Cake that was bigger than their heads.

But what was truly wacky to me was that when I requested several spoons (so we could share with the group at large) the waiter gave us 3. For that bigger-than-my-adult-sized-head dessert I would have thought several would have been at least 5.

Still, it was a pleasure to visit an old friend who was passing though town. The dessert was, indeed, a big fat bribe. And it worked.

Diamonds are a girls best friend.

Sassy Lassy’s friend has been joining us for dinner on Wednesday nights for the last couple of weeks and I have to say her enthusiasm for Wacky Wednesday knows no bounds. It’s actually quite cute. My kids dig it but I strongly suspect that it could be that they know we almost always have dessert on Wednesdays. In discussing Wacky Wednesday SL’s friend wanted to know what the them was for this week. She asked me this on Monday. I didn’t have a clue. I suggested she come up with a theme and I will plan around it. Being a 7-year-old she shouted out “Diamonds!”



So we’ll be heading out to a baseball diamond this evening. And I am planning on making them round the bases to pick up their dinner:

  • (Chicken) Drumsticks
  • Dried (and fresh) Fruit
  • Doritos
  • Ding Dongs

Now, I never said that all my Wacky Wednesday meals are healthy. But making them round the bases should count for something, right?