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Ingredient Trifecta

It’s Wednesday.  And here is the wacky method behind this week’s madness. Since I had no ideas of my own I solicited ingredient ideas from everyone as we were rushing around the house this morning:

Sassy Lassy: Avocado

JJ: Chicken

Mr. Mister:  Ice Cream

So easy. This almost feels like cheating. We eat a “South of the Border” meal at least once a week.

We’ll be having chicken and black bean fajitas, chips &  guacamole, fruit and ice cream cones for dessert.

I wonder if I will have to tell them what was Wacky about tonight’s menu? Somehow I think it is too subtle and that I am getting off way to easy.  



Pecan Pie in July?

Thank goodness I baked the pie last week! I checked in to start planning for tomorrow’s Wacky Wednesday and realized that I never posted this:

It’s curious to me that National Pecan Pie Day is in July. Living in the upper Midwest, pecan pie has largely been relegated to a Thanksgiving dessert.

I’ve always considered  it a Southern specialty and knew that New Orleans takes credit for it. The story is that it originated there amongst  immigrants after Native Americans introduced them to the pecan. Who else could come up with something so buttery rich while also being smooth and crunchy at the same time?

Thank goodness the temperature dropped this morning so I can actually turn my oven on… 

What else goes with Pecan Pie?

And then I must have gotten distracted because I never posted this. And now, Minnesota is in the midst of a heat wave. so it’s pretty funny to me that I baked a pie just last week. Since I don’t have central air just thinking about turning the oven on in my house tomorrow has me ready to check into an air-conditioned hotel with room service. But I won’t. Instead I am contemplating cooking tomorrow night’s meal in my car!


Ahhhh… July…

There is something about eating outside in the fresh air that makes everything taste better! We ate outside on our patio this summer for the FIRST time on Monday night – the 4th of July!  Honestly, I think that has to be some kind of record for our family. Winter is long here so we typically start eating outside as soon as soon we can.   I think one year we ate lunch outside on Sophie’s birthday at the end of March. But this year, it took a while for all the snow to melt of our North-facing patio and then we had a lot of rain this spring/early summer. Not to mention, of course, that our glass-topped table shattered last fall in a big storm.

Anyway,  we’re going to cast off those eating-inside blues and celebrate National Blueberry Month for Wacky Wednesday!

On the menu:

Blue Lemonade

Lemon Blueberry Chicken Salad

Blue Corn Chips

Fruit Pizza