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Halibut a kiss?

Today is Wednesday and I have successfully avoided a trip to the grocery store. Yep. It’s true. Last weekend was busy and then at some point I this week would be a fine time to clean out the pantry/freezer/fridge. This usually happens a couple of times a year. Instead of planning my meals for the week, we’ll sort through what has been overlooked for one reason or another on those weekly meal plans nd now is forgotten.  This kids and my husband are less than enthused. But for me, it becomes challenge to see what kind of scrumptious things I can make from the seemingly random assortment of food that’s left.

Here’s what we’ve got tonight:

  • Halibut
  • Cream Cheese Wontons
  • Edamame
  • Cucumbers (the last from the garden)
  • Canned Peaches

Nothing very wacky, I’m afraid, but sometimes Wacky Wednesday is more about our attitude than anything else.

Knock, Knock

Who’s There?


Haibut, who?

Halibut a kiss, Honey?

Okay. You might not think it’s funny but my kids will. And we’ll start dinner off with a laugh..


Where do you eat?

I can remember back when my husband and I were first house hunting. Most of the houses we toured had cramped, awkward spaces for kitchens. I’d walk in and I couldn’t fathom cooking in them, much less kicking back and sharing a meal.   We were just a family of two then but it was really important for me to find a space where my family would share their meals.

It’s not too surprising that when we walked into our current home, I fell in love with the dining room. Not the kitchen, mind you.  But I could picture us as a family surrounding the table in the dining room. The kitchen, of course, left something to be desired.  While there was enough room to cook and have a small table in there, the decor was hideous. Think dark wood paneling on the walls, old wallpaper and an acoustical tile drop-ceiling. It certainly wasn’t the worst kitchen I’d seen but it was close. And after living there I grew to think it was possibly the worst kitchen in all of Saint Paul. Over the course of the last 10 years, we’ve updated. Not the high-end kitchen renovation you see in glossy magazines but it is lighter and brighter and better organized. And now our family of four eats most of our meals there.

I sill love the dining room. Eventually, as the kids get bigger, we’ll outgrow our little table in our kitchen and will probably eat more in the dining room. But for now, it is still special and we don’t And we’re going to eat there  tonight for Wacky Wednesday. Yep, with a tablecloth, cloth napkins and my Grandmother’s china.  Maybe more fancy than wacky on  a Wednesday night.


Just when I think Sassy Lassy is growing out of her pink phase, she throws me a curve ball. She insisted that she be allowed to plan a Wacky Wednesday all by herself since her brother got a shot at it a couple of weeks ago. Of course, I was happy to let her. She chewed on her ideas for a mere 30 seconds before she blurted out the theme: “Pink! All of the foods will be pink.”

Tonight’s Menu:

  • Pink Salmon
  • Tortellini with pink sauce.
  • Pink Lady Apples
  • Roasted Beet Salad
  • Raspberry/Yogurt Smoothies

What’s pink sauce? Nothing too special. It’s what results when a couple of t break open in a pot of Marinara sauce and it lightens it to a pinkish color. Or, you can add a little extra parmesan, too.

Here’s to hoping that pinkalicious will translate into delicious.

Why Wacky Wednesday?

I was talking to a friend the other day and she confessed that she just didn’t “get” the whole Wacky Wednesday thing. Fair enough.  I can appreciate that the idea of doing something silly & creative on a weeknight in the middle of the week during dinner doesn’t sound the most appealing. I mean, why would you want to have your kids involved in planning the menu and then laughing and joking on Wednesday nights as opposed to everyone being rushed and grumpy? All kidding aside, I do totally get it. Especially with two small kids and my husband and I both working outside the home. But the funny thing is? Instead of it being “one more thing” to do in an already busy week it is actually a time when we take a deep breath and it doesn’t seem like another weeknight dinner. Wacky Wednesday just has a different feel to it.

Here are some recent Wacky Wednesday shots. As much as I love WW and sharing our ideas, I have not had the time for the follow-up the next day. So here are some of the moments I managed to capture but haven’t shared before.

My fall view out the kitchen window:

The Sassy Lassy harvesting a cucumber for last week’s ROYGBIV dinner:

Here’s a pizza from our Totally Tomatoes extravaganza that was an epic fail. I am sill not sure what happened but it sure looked good:

It’s no secret that a lot of my Wacky Wednesday menu’s have a dessert component. Don’t let that fool you. We do  not have dessert every night of the week. But we do have it for Wacky Wednesdays. Why not? Dessert is fun, right? Mr. Mister certainly thinks so:

Even our dog, Lucy, gets in on the fun:

Wednessay  is just two days away. We’ve already got the menu planned. I had some help with it this week. Want a hint? My 7-year old planned it.