Laughing at ourselves one meal at a time.

Where do you eat?

I can remember back when my husband and I were first house hunting. Most of the houses we toured had cramped, awkward spaces for kitchens. I’d walk in and I couldn’t fathom cooking in them, much less kicking back and sharing a meal.   We were just a family of two then but it was really important for me to find a space where my family would share their meals.

It’s not too surprising that when we walked into our current home, I fell in love with the dining room. Not the kitchen, mind you.  But I could picture us as a family surrounding the table in the dining room. The kitchen, of course, left something to be desired.  While there was enough room to cook and have a small table in there, the decor was hideous. Think dark wood paneling on the walls, old wallpaper and an acoustical tile drop-ceiling. It certainly wasn’t the worst kitchen I’d seen but it was close. And after living there I grew to think it was possibly the worst kitchen in all of Saint Paul. Over the course of the last 10 years, we’ve updated. Not the high-end kitchen renovation you see in glossy magazines but it is lighter and brighter and better organized. And now our family of four eats most of our meals there.

I sill love the dining room. Eventually, as the kids get bigger, we’ll outgrow our little table in our kitchen and will probably eat more in the dining room. But for now, it is still special and we don’t And we’re going to eat there  tonight for Wacky Wednesday. Yep, with a tablecloth, cloth napkins and my Grandmother’s china.  Maybe more fancy than wacky on  a Wednesday night.


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