Laughing at ourselves one meal at a time.

On The Road

I hate to start out a post with an apology but since this is my first post using the iPad I’m sure there are bound to be typing or formatting errors. Please excuse those. One of these days my life will settle down to a dull roar and I will actually get a chance to try to educate myself on how to use new technology before I have to use it, right? Well, or at least I will have enough time to read the instructions. (Ha. Who am I kidding? I will probably NEVER read the instructions.)

Anyway, we are in La Jolla visiting my Father-In-Law for Thanksgiving. Usually we host a crowd at our house inviting both our families and a gaggle of friends. And while I am missing some of that tradition it is nice to do something different; this year we all needed a change of pace. And packing for two kids is so much easier than menu planning, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up afterward, right?

Tomorrow is Wednesday. And, no, we aren’t going to forgo wackiness just because we are travelling. In fact, since we are all on vacation we have the whole day to be wacky!

Here’s the plan: everyone is going to challenge themselves to try a new food tomorrow.

I am super excited to see how this plays out for everyone!

And in the spirit of trying to do something different I am hoping I can actually share some more of our wackiness here…


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  1. Karen Carlisle said:

    At one Thansgiving as a child, at my great-grandmother’s, my mother made me eat squash. I hated squash (love it now….some, anyway). I knew I would get beaten if I didn’t, so I ate it, and promptly vomited all over the Thanksgiving dinner table. I’m glad you give your children choices.

    Have a wonderful wacky day. I think you’re a great mom, and don’t you forget it! I do want to know what the kidlets choose as their new food. Will there be anything new you and your husband have not eaten?

    I’m the one who always brings new and unusual food, and the only persons who eat them are my vegan neice-in-law and me!

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