Laughing at ourselves one meal at a time.

Home Again.

Well, I never did get around to updating the blog from the road but I am happy to report that we did have some success with everyone trying some new foods on Wacky Wednesday:

Sophie & Alex: We’ve pretty much abandoned going out for breakfast since we’ve had kids. They usually wake up too hungry to pull it off without tears and/or whining. And who needs to start the day like that?  But last Wednesday, we dragged them to the Old Town Mexican Cafe in Old Town San Diego. They split an order of buttermilk pancakes and questioned why if we were going out for breakfast we were ordering things that didn’t sound like breakfast food. The both tried a bite of my Red & Green Chilaquiles  but the big hit was the freshly made tortillas that are made fresh on-site every day at the Old Town Medican Cafe. Sure, tortillas are a staple in our house but I assure you the kids had never tasted anything close to the light and chewy deliciousness of the ones we ate there.

Jen: I had an obligatory bite of Machaca Con Juevos (Steak & Eggs) which is oddly about as close as I’ve come to ever eating steak & eggs for breakfast or anytime else. I am not a steak fan. But my real new food was a seaweed salad that by Brother-In-Law had left in the fridge. Several different types of seaweed with a little oil and sesame seeds. It was snappy and light and fresh. Delicious.

John: His was probably the most unconventional choice. As we were down on the beach a tangle of seaweed washed ashore. It looked almost alien! The kids were shrieking and he said something akin to “It’s just seaweed. Like the stuff Mom just ate in her salad.” And then he took a bite. He didn’t give it rave reviews… but he did say it was salty.



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