Laughing at ourselves one meal at a time.


The other day Sophie asked me what my favorite number was. “Eleven” I replied without even thinking about it. I have had the same favorite number since I was a little kid. But it got me thinking about numbers. I use them a lot in my work life but in my home life the one number that seems really consistent is the number four. Especially when it comes to feeding everyone.

I am not sure how it evolved? Thinking back I wondered if it was the container that I packed for years for Sophie to take to daycare/preschool that had little compartments? Nope, it had 3. Perhaps it is trying to come up with well-rounded meals with a protein-starch-fruit-veggie combo? Or maybe it evolved as a part of the effort to  make good eaters out of my kids?  I kind of consciously remember always giving them a couple of sure-fire winners that I knew they’d eat, along with something that they might eat and  something new to try, too. Who knows. All I know is that now when I make breakfast or lunch or dinner I unconsciously always give everyone four things. And if someone else is feeding the kids and gives them less than that? They’ll usually get a “I need more things than this.”

So, last night for Wacky Wednesday we had four things for dinner:

  • Quesedillas
  • Chips and guacamole
  • Apples
  • Corn

It sparked a lively dinnertime conversation about number and favorite foods and the kids even got creative by building a tower. It eventually had four things before it toppled over: 

Usually the kids don’t get to play at the dinner table like that. But it was Wednesday…


Comments on: "Four" (1)

  1. Karen Carlisle said:

    What delights a boy more than a tower? Happy Channuka (oh dear, which spelling to use?) to you and your wonderful family!

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