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Flying by the seat of my sundress?

It’s nearly 3:30 on Wednesday and I have no clue what is on the agenda for Wacky Wednesday. The original plan was to take Rony for a picnic at the Lake Harriet  .  But it is hot.  And Grandpa Stan is in town from California and would like see the kids and meet Rony.  And I skipped grocery shopping over the weekend to go to a friend’s cabin (Hi Jess!) and so I already used up some of my creativity making lunches for everyone.  

So. John and I have traded several phone calls and text messages but we have no plan. And it is 3:30. And whatever plan we make it will likely mean someone (=me) will be running around.

Should be interesting… but I am always up for a challenge.





Wiggle. Wiggle. Wiggle.

I was kind of torn between two ideas for Wacky Wednesday this week.

Second grade ends for the Sassy Lassy on Friday. My first idea was to honor that by having a two-course meal made up entirely of foods that only had two ingredients. Fun, no?

But then as we were brushing teeth last night and Sassy Lassy showed me how wiggly her top tooth is, I decided we had to go in another direction. While many of her classmates have lost 5, 6  or MORE teeth she has still just lost the two on the bottom. And both of those fell out and have already grown back in. But this new wiggly one? It is front and center in the top row!  Exciting!

But here’s the thing: I leave for Chicago on Saturday and I am afraid I will miss the big event. The Tooth Fairy duties have been my responsibility but there is also just the idea that I will be missing such rite of  passage that leaves me feeling a little sad. I mean, I know I cannot be there for every single milestone for my kids. And, oh boy, do I know that as a working Mom. But her little smile will never quite be the same once those teeny baby teeth on the top fall out and their replacements grow in.

So my plan is to step up my role as Tooth Fairy and see if I can’t help speed the process along. I am going to make several foods all designed to help that little tooth wiggle free. Think chewy or gooey and crunchy:

  • Corn on the Cob
  • Carrot Sticks
  • Deep Dish Pizza
  • Carmel Apples

I was feeling really confident of this plan until we went out for dinner last night and she ordered herself the kid’s rib platter. Even with all that bone gnawing that tooth is being pretty stubborn.

And finishing this post reminds me, that the Sassy Lassy also let me know, so that I could let the Tooth Fairy know, that she doesn’t want the customary $2 bill for the next tooth loss. She’s asked for a gift card to her favorite knick-knack shop. See why she has her nickname?



8 is Gr8

I simply cannot believe that it has been almost 2 months since I last did a post about Wacky Wednesday. Time has flown! And truth be told, Wacky Wednesday has even fallen by the wayside a few weeks because we have all been operating at such a frantic pace.

But we’ve all wanted to settle down and get back to it. And what was a better day than yesterday? Sophie’s 8th birthday!



And so for this week, we planned a menu with 8 foods on it. Of course, they also happened so  be 8 of Sophie’s favorite foods:

  • Hamburgers
  • Onion Rings
  • Fruit Salad
  • Tomatoes
  • Pickles
  • Nacho Chips & Cheese
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Ice Cream Sundaes

So, now, lets see if I can try and keep this up a little better or maybe for another 8 weeks…



Last night, WE ROCK’d for Wacky Wednesday. Here’s a picture of our Ramen, Olives, Cucumber and King Salmon. Get it? ROCK?

Stay with me here. You can see we also had Edamame. Add the Water we drank and you totally have the WE ROCK theme.

But it gets better because we also indulged in a childhood favorite of mine: POP ROCKS!

I can remember being fascinated by them as a kid. Something my own parents surely remember as they give me some of them every year during the holidays.

Apparently a lot of people don’t realize that you can still buy them. You can. And they even have new flavors. This was the first time I tried to the Candy Cane flavor. I am not a huge fan of mint so they were … interesting.

We also rocked out to some classic rock that kept us all dancing while I cooked and then we cleaned up together.

Mr. Mister Plans the Menu

What would happen if you let the littlest people in your life plan dinner? We’re going to find out on Wednesday.

Last night, as Mr. Mister and I were taking a walk I asked him if he wanted to plan the menu for Wacky Wednesday. The Mister is 2-1/2 and he definitely has some strong opinions about which foods he likes and which ones are “de-yucky” (his own word for opposite of delicious). He was agreeable even though I am pretty sure that he doesn’t exactly get the full concept of Wacky Wednesday.

He was enthusiastic and shouted, I mean suggested, “tomatoes and apples!”

I told him that sounded good and asked if we needed anything to drink?  As it was near 90 degrees and I was hot, I suggested lemonade. He responded “okay.” But then he quickly changed his mind and asked “Smoothies?” (Which, when he says it comes out more like smooooodies).

After a little more back-and-forth he settled on a main dish of Peanut Butter Sandwiches. Which I found interesting. In our house, if you don’t like what I cook for dinner your only opt-out option is a peanut butter sandwich and/or plain yogurt. But peanut butter is his favorite food and in this day of peanut-free summer camp, daycare and schools it seems like kids today don’t eat as much pb as I certainly did as a kid. He turned down the idea of any kind of condiments such as honey or jelly but did suggest lettuce might be a good.

So, that’s our menu for Wednesday:

  • Tomatoes
  • Apples
  • Peanut Butter Sandwiches
  • Smoothies

Unfortunately, his ideas for ambiance will most likely go unrealized. He suggested a picnic at the beach while watching a parade. Apparently he took my suggestion for planning things he likes in stride. 




Full Circle

Hooray! It’s Wacky Wednesday!

I was thinking about Sophie’s friend joining us for dinner tonight. They have literally known each other since they were babies. And even though they don’t go to school together they still see each other at their afterschool program and for playdates. As I was thinking about them, and some of my own childhood friends, a song popped into my head. If you were a Daisy/Brownie/Girl Scout or went to summer camp you are probably familiar with   “Make New Friends“. This is my favorite part:

A circle is round,
it has no end.
That’s how long,
I will be your friend.

So, for Wacky Wednesday this week everything we eat will be circular:

  • Pita Pizza’s
  • Sliced Carrots
  • Cantaloupe 
  • Strawberry Shortcake


In honor of many things that start with the letter M, we’ll be forging ahead with Wacky Wednesday this week with a menu that features the letter “M.”

May. Hard to believe it’s actually May since it was snowing this morning… Come on. This is the  never-ending winter.

Mother’s Day. It’s really one of my least favorite holidays. And I think I finally figured out why. Someone else described as if there are two camps: One that wants to celebrate being a mom by spending time WITH their beloved children and the other who wants to celebrate being a mother with a break from their beloved kids. And figuring out who is in which camp is tricky. My own mother and MIL are definitely in different camps. And that whole situation was only made trickier after I became a mother. Any guesses as to which camp I am in?

Mary Jo. My Grandma Jo passed away  7 years ago on Cinco De Mayo. I feel so lucky to have had her in my life until my mid-30’s and that I was able to introduce the Sassy Lassy to her before she passed. My Grandma Jo was inspiring to me because she modeled just what I wanted to be when I “grew up.” She taught me a lot about working with what you have and about being a good person and about caring for others. What springs to mind when I close my mind and picture her is her coral lipstick and her wonderfully warm smile.  It lit up her whole face! I have so many good memories of her. Before she died, she remarked to my Dad about all the things she’s seen. She was amazed by it all. I wonder what she’d think of this blog? I bet she’d get a kick out of it.

So, here’s the menu for Wednesday night:

  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Meatloaf
  • Melon
  • Marshmallow Pie

Turns out that not a lot of vegetables start with the letter M. Not that I think any of the kids will mind that.

Speaking of kids, we’ll be having a guest over every Wednesday in May for Wacky Wednesday. I hope it lives up to her expectations!