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Anniversaries & Family

This week we’ll be celebrating my family and my parent’s wedding anniversary for Wacky Wednesday.

My parents were married 43 years ago tomorrow but their marriage license records today as their wedding date. Over the years, both of my parents have asserted that it means they aren’t *really* married. But after all those years, two kids, four grandkids and running a business together they are pretty much stuck with each other I think.

I always thought my parent’s love story was a romantic one. They met as teenagers on the shores of Lake Michigan. Both were at the beach with friends and my mom got horribly sunburned. She was only 15 and didn’t drive yet so my Dad gave her a ride home. And here we are 43 years later!

And so tonight we will have Wacky Wednesday and will eat foods from my childhood. And we will talk about my Mom & Dad and tell funny stories about them. Maybe we’ll call them, too. But they may not pick up as they are off on a romantic get-away.